exterior view of Sel Rose pink French bar NYC

The hue of the moment has been popping up in fashion, beauty, and design, and it didn’t take long for the unique shade of blush to infiltrate the food and drink scene, especially with all things rosé back in season. Here are all the New York City spots where you can get your fill of Millennial pink — from edible frozen treats to Insta-worthy walls.

Taiyaki NYC

At Taiyaki NYC, you'll find cool soft serve in a surreal pink shade. Real strawberries not only give this creamy treat its pale pink hue, but also its fresh berry flavor. The sweet treat is available for a limited run during strawberry season, so make sure you get to the Chinatown ice cream shop soon.

Mini Melanie

A subtle dusting of baby pink finishes these decadent truffles at Mini Melanie — playfully named O.M.Girl! — made by pastry chef Melanie Moss. Each box comes with two flavors — half of the shimmery bite-sized snacks are made from chocolate cake and the other half from vanilla.

Le District

The downtown French market (or more specifically, Le District) has added a new summer flavor to its ice cream rotation: rosé. In addition to regular ice cream ingredients like eggs and milk, the boozy scoop is also infused with a fresh and crisp Chateau Montaud Cotes de Provence Rose.

Du’s Donuts

When it came time for chef Wylie Dufresne to open a doughnut shop at the foot of Williamsburg’s William Vale hotel, the out-of-the-box flavors were expected. Like his cooking at wd~50 and and Alder, there’s a certain level of whimsy to his cake doughnut flavors — and a surprising number of pink ones, ranging from the pastel pistachio pink lemonade to the hot pink strawberries and cream. Find them all at Du's Donuts.

Multiple Restaurants

Frosé has become so popular that there’s even an Instagram account dedicated to it. And there’s certainly no shortage of great New York City restaurants serving it this season. Bar Primi — the Italian restaurant where the blush frozen drink originated — has one featuring Sicilian rosé, Rosato vermouth and strawberries. At Gristmill in Brooklyn, it’s Syrah, Carignan and Trousseau blended to frozen perfection. And at Sabbia — the seasonal rooftop bar atop Eataly — there’s an extra-boozy variation made with a Tuscan rosé, vodka, peach liqueur, prickly pear puree and grapefruit juice.

Sel Rose

The chic French bar Sel Rose — known for fresh oysters and top-notch cocktails — updated its pair of sliding doors from white to on-trend pink, giving the corner space even more curb (and Instagram) appeal.

Cha Cha Matcha

Even if the lines at Cha Cha Matcha don’t grab your attention, the cheery signage of this all-matcha store will. While its signature item may be green, there are plenty of pink accents, from a pastel soft-serve machine to a garbage can painted with palm trees.


The color has even infiltrated the restaurant of Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges. At his newest veggie-forward eatery, abcV, various shades of pink pop up in both the decor and plateware: there are panels of neon pink glass, beautiful handcrafted pastel dinnerware, plus smoothies — served in wine glasses, of course — in rich fuschias.

Out East

Drawing inspiration from Long Island (hence its name), the new East Village eatery is the perfect beachy escape from city life. Bubblegum pink banquettes line the walls of the beautifully-designed space and there is, of course, a pink drink: the Fairwater Rose, featuring Combier Rose, dry vermouth and rose tincture.


True to its name, the East Village's latest sweet addition is always looking through rose-colored glasses. In addition to blush-colored cherry blossom cakes, Rose&Basil pours an array of non-alcoholic pink drinks, like a refreshing lemonade infused with rose water, rose petal powder and organic raw sugar, plus a creamy sipper dubbed "The Rainbow," a mix of coconut cream, berry puree and colorful dusting rose petals.