DeKalb Markethall

When you picture Brooklyn, there are many things that come to mind — especially when it comes to food. The borough’s culinary scene, boosted by the presence of the highly popular food festival, Smorgasburg, has a new addition in the Dekalb Market Hall. The recently opened food hall is the foundation of the sleek Citypoint Shopping Center right on the Fulton Street Mall in downtown Brooklyn. There are around 40 vendors offering a vast array of delectable eats from the borough’s standout bistros along with a couple of notable restaurants from other parts of the city like Katz’s Delicatessen. These are the eight places that you don’t want to miss out on during your visit.

BK Jani

BK Jani is the brainchild of a chef from Pakistan who wanted to bring the freshly grilled cuisine from his home city of Lahore to NYC. Originally setting up shop in a cozy spot in Bushwick, BK Jani’s notoriety earned them a spot in the Dekalb Market Hall and its plain to see why once you get near their stall. The grilled lamb chops are a must to order, as is the pakora which is tender and bursting with aromatic decadence.

Arepa Lady

Another quality addition to the food hall is present in the Arepa Lady, a foodie legend hailing from the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens, which serves up the sensational Colombian staple. Their menu has both sweet and savory options, but you’d be remiss to not start out with the Arepas de Choclo which practically melts on your palate. The staff are also extremely warm and welcoming which adds a special touch.

Jianbing Company

You’ve no doubt heard all your friends rave about the street food to be had in the markets of Shanghai. Jianbing brings all of that flavor and then some with their take on the classic breakfast dish, complete with a unique “13 sauce” that adorns the four-grain crepe jianbing that cradles your choice of tofu, hoisin-lime beef and their 13 spice pork along with a lemon-garlic chicken.


If you’ve never ever had a churro, you’ve been missing out on life. The crispy and sugary confection that’s pretty much like a crueler is the prized dessert of Dulcinea, which has dedicated itself to reimagining the churro to the delight of fans they’ve gained in recent years due to their appearance at Smorgasburg. Their churros are done up with a myriad of flavors such as dulce de leche - and you can have them with ice cream. Another standout offering? Churro donuts, with flavors like peanut butter and jelly and pina colada. Seriously.


Bunsmith got its start as a shop in the Crown Heights neighborhood that doled out keenly curated Korean cuisine with their buns being the centerpiece. These buns may be small but they pack quite the flavorful punch, with filling choices like the bulgogi, soy-ginger fried chicken, and even their BBQ jackfruit. Kick up the flavor quotient with their house hot sauce and kimchi on the side. Plus, any place that captures their origin story as an ode to The Notorious B.I.G. gets extra props.

Pierogi Boys

These stuffed dumplings that are a cornerstone of Polish cuisine lie at the heart of the Pierogi Boys. The owners make them according to their grandmother’s own recipe, and you can see the love evoked as you watch them being made by hand as you sit at the bar sipping on a cold beer. Pierogi Boys also gives you the option to add all sorts of toppings to your pierogi just to up the taste ante.


The Hawaiian comfort food staple known as the poke bowl has begun to pop up here and there in New York City, but WikiWiki by far brings you the most authentic interpretation. The bowls are hearty, with choices like the shoyu tuna and the chojang salmon set to make your palate dance. One notable menu item, the classic mixed plate is a dish that exemplifies the multiple influences on the Hawaiian islands with your choice of meat combined with rice, salad, and macaroni.

Kotti Berliner Doner Kebab

One of Germany’s best dishes in recent years comes from the fusion of its influence on a beloved dish from Turkey – doner. Kotti Berliner serves it up with a unique blend of vegetables and sauces to make for a tantalizing plate that sets it apart from other kebab eateries in NYC. You can opt for the more traditional Turkish flatbread or the pide which is like focaccia, or a salad for your doner.