plating fine food on air france flight

The country of France is so ubiquitous with good food and wine, that even its national airline teams up with Michelin-star chefs. Now Air France is taking its commitment to food even further, with a brick-and-mortar pop up restaurant debuting in New York.

Opening on June 20 and running until June 24, Paris for Dessert will feature culinary masterpieces from acclaimed Parisien chef Daniel Boulud. But aside from the wining and dining, the event will also offer an opportunity for diners to fly to France for dessert – literally.

Every guest attending the pop up will be asked to bring their passport and a packed suitcase, in the chance that they are chosen to board a direct flight to Paris right after dinner – which will then take them on a two-night culinary tour of the iconic city. Sounds amazing? You can apply for a ticket to the pop up here.

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