What's green, oblong, and can be spread over toast or chopped into salads? You can probably guess from the headline (read: spoiler) that we're talking about avocado, and about how a brand new restaurant in New York City is going to turn our favorite superfood into a star.

Avocaderia is claiming to be the "the world's first avocado bar", where everything that comes out of the kitchen highlights the gorgeous green fruit. Whether it's in salads, smoothies, bowls, or even that classic avo toast, they put that shit on everything, and we just can't get enough. Thankfully, their website puts our minds at ease, reminding us that avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients and enable the body to absorb more good fats. So for an addiction, it's really not that bad (phewf).

But just one thing — they aren't really the first. An all-avocado restaurant opened just last month in Amsterdam, an even they claimed to be the first in Europe, not the world. Regardless, Amsterdam is pretty far from New York, and we want all the avo we can get.