It’s no secret that New York is expensive. Between million-dollar apartments, twenty-dollar cocktails, and even a two thousand dollar pizza, it can sometimes be a little too much to handle. That’s why we freaked when we heard about this new(ish) coffee shop that lets customers barter for their java.

Yep, the Aridoamerica Winter Plan coffee shop pop-up by Mexican-born artist Fran Ilich is seriously cool. Located in the Museo de Los Sures art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you can either buy your morning beverage with a cash donation, or choose to barter with services or goods, like bracelets, coins, or buttons. If you choose the latter option, you will have to challenge either Ilich or another customer to a game of Patolli, an ancient Aztec game similar to Parcheesi.

This art-installation/ java joint is a socially-conscious alternative to the stale cup of joe you usually pick up. Speaking of the brew, even the coffee Ilich is serving is sourced ethically. The Zapatista coffee comes from indigenous people in Mexico who only trade their coffee with those within a special network.

Ilich’s goal with his interesting coffee shop was to give people a refuge. He wanted New Yorkers to have a space to just chill without having to worry about anything, not even paying for their coffee. Now that is something we can totally get on board with.

The Aridoamerica Winter Plan coffee shop is open every Thursday-Sunday until March 30.