NYC secret cocktail club featured

There is an ever-growing plethora of social clubs in New York, but between book clubs, art clubs, and dinner clubs, none of them really speak to us. Booze and parties, on the other hand? Yeah, that’s more our style.

Wine and Whiskey NYC is a new secret cocktail club that hooks you up with the best watering holes in the city. What’s more is that you get hooked up with some super exclusive underground parties as well. You can sign up for an “occasion” on their website, and then you get the location of the secret party no more than a week ahead of time. Each one features a unique theme, experimental libations, and guest bartenders.

Examples of upcoming events include a winter-themed cocktail party in the East Village and a wine immersion over on the West Side, both in February. If being in a secret cocktail club sounds like something you might be interested in (and how could it not?), you’ll need to pony up an annual membership fee of $175, and then individual event fees starting at $65. Get in now though, because they'll cut off the list at 2,500 members.