Grand Central Hidden Speakeasy New York Bar

New York is so famous for its numerous speakeasies, it's almost ubiquitous with the Empire State itself. Although found tucked away in every district of Manhattan, there is maybe no better hiding spot than in plain sight – as the Campbell Apartment can attest.

Secretly located inside the busiest metro station in America, the historic bar has re-opened underneath Grand Central Terminal after undergoing a renovation; and its interiors are as stunning as ever. Originally built and decorated in 1923 by railroad executive John W. Campbell as his personal office and lounge, the space today is an official historic city landmark designated by the New York Historical Society. 

Most of the speakeasy's interiors retain the same look and feel from its Jazz Age days; the only changes are found in the custom velvet-backed furniture, the new Campbell Terrace patio area facing 43rd Street, and the larger number of guests who walk through its doors looking for a sophisticated escape from the bustling station. Stopping for a drink on your commute home has never been easier.


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