From Pop-Tart cafes to over-sized dumplings and Michelin-starred pastries, NYC is the ultimate city of gastronomic delights. But just when you think you've seen and tasted it all, another new foodie fad comes along to blow us out of the water.

And this time the fad is boozy, bright and beautiful: say hello to lava lamp cocktails from West Harlem's The Honeywell. Tucked away under the bustling streets, this 70's-themed craft cocktail bar has been making a name for itself with their inventive liquids. The Funkadelic is a mix of pebble ice, red wine ice cubes, dry vermouth, brandy, falernum, and tonic, all served in an LED-lit lamp—and New Yorkers have been drinking it up.

While officially a secret off-menu concoction, this hasn't stopped the word from spreading like wildfire or the Instagrams from pouring in. Needless to say, we highly suggest heading over before the crowds get there first.

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