From the city famous for hybrid foods like the cronut and ice cream hotdog, we now present the "mufgel". If you're thinking that sounds like a muffin and bagel combined, you would be correct. And if you think thats awesome, we're pretty sure you would still be correct, but you can find out for sure this Saturday.

Scott Rossillo, the gentleman responsible for the rainbow bagel explosion in Williamsburg, is unveiling the mufgel this weekend at his Williamsburg shop The Bagel Store . The official list of flavors has yet to be released, but Scott has been teasing on">Instagram , releasing three varieties so far: carrot cake, chocolate-chip crumb, and for a limited time, fruity pebbles with Funfetti cream cheese.

You can enjoy the mufgel as a traditional bakery item with plain cream cheese, or be a true hybrid foodie with some cannoli or s’mores spread. Whatever your preference, we expect to see you in line on Saturday, because the food hybrid craze in Gotham is just getting started.

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