If we learned anything from fall’s New York Fashion Week, it’s that pink is having a moment. But we're not talking the fluorescent shade that was slammed in the early 2000s, but rather a softer shade that glows and radiates in almost any setting. Now a New York restaurant has found great success in choosing a pastel pink paint job (and furnishings), causing a social media frenzy like a Barbie-branded wildfire.

The rosy restaurant goes by the name of Pietro Nolita, and was recently opened by Pietro Quaglia and Mina Soliman in Manhattan on Elizabeth Street. An all-pink place to fashionably wine and dine, the interior is reminiscent of a 50s diner with pink leather banquettes, pink stools at the bar, and pink plant pots. 

While the interior may be all American, the cuisine is straight up Italian. That’s right, forget all preconceived notions of spaghetti served in dim rustic spaces, Pietro Nolita serves lighter and healthier dishes like gluten-free pasta, farro salad with squash, and fusilli. Breakfast is also a big part of the day here, complete with coffee and buttery pastries. Some cocktails and dishes will even be pink, thanks to natural ingredients like beets. 

If you want proof of your endeavor at Pietro Nolita (aside from some spectacular Instagram posts) you can also buy a shirt that says “Pink as Fuck” (which doubles an an excellent great hashtag, in our humble opinion). As for location tags, just remember 'pink marks the spot'.