Running for the sixth year in a row, Brooklyn's Smorgasburg is a foodie force to be reckoned with. The 30,000-strong open-air food market is so important to New York, that spring just doesn't feel like spring until it opens and the crowds start heading to "The Woodstock of Eating" every weekend.

Making its grand return on April 1st this year, the Smorg will feature nearly 100 vendors selling everything from the tried-and-true to the strangely delicious. We're here to highlight the latter by providing a list of the wildest eats you can find in East River State Park this Saturday – or Prospect Park if you're checking it out on Sunday. So without further ado, take a look at the droll-worthy preview below and get your taste buds (ad your Instagrams) ready.

Spaghetti Donuts

Currently enjoying its 15 minutes of social media fame is Pop Pasta and their strangely-appealing donuts made of spaghetti. Don't worry, they're completely savoury and do not contain any sugar; rather, choose from comforting flavors such as aglio garlic, olive oil, carbonara, or the classic red sauce.

Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

These 1950's-style Hong Kong-inspired bad boys are back. After making a stunning appearance at Dessert Goals, these unique ice cream sandwiches from Wowfulls hit the perfect spot between creamy and chewy. We recommend the match and white chocolate egg waffles.


Filipino cuisine has been rising in popularity over the past few years, in part thanks to the Lumpia Shack. With fine flavors such as truffled adobo mushroom and chicken wasal on the menu, it's no wonder these fusion rolls have been a hit. Pair a 9-piece sampler with some calamansi lemonade.

Coconut Black Tea & Rose Fudgesicles

Jenna and Mark are the team behind Brooklyn bakery Whimsy and Spice, and they really know how to run a bakery. A quick look at their website and/or Instagram is guaranteed to make you weep with desire for their fudgesicles, marshmallow hot chocolates, biscottis and more.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches

Churros have come a long way since its traditional form as a crispy cruller donut, eaten in conjunction with hot chocolate. Dulcinea Churros & Co. has "proclaimed a revolution and taken the Churro to new heights" by creating Nutella-, passionfruit- and dulce de leche-stuffed versions of our favorite Spanish treat. Even more wildly, they've created a churro ice cream sandwich. Yeah. We'll let its photo speak for itself.

Chili Powder Mango Flowers 

One of the most photogenic food choices you can find at the Smorg, these classic huge fruits-on-a-stick from Vaqueros Products are sprinkled with lemon juice and dusted with chili powder. A refreshing treat for the oncoming hot weather that's equally sweet as it is spicy... what more could you ask for?

Cereal Shaved Snow 

Wooly's shaved snow is the delicious lovechild of a popsicle and an ice cream sundae. Topped with colorful cereal flakes and mochi bits that make our inner 90's child very, very happy, the Vendy Award-winning dessert is the definition of a foodgasm.

Halo-halo Dragon Fruit Bowls

Traditional Filipino ube (or purple yam) ice cream gets an Instagrammable makeover by Ube Kitchen with blackberries, mangos, toasted coconut flakes, and mini boba pearls s

erving as toppings. The best part? The ice cream is freshly handmade and comes served in a pretty dragon fruit shell.