Inside Zauo Fishing Restaurant

Seafood aficionados in New York rejoice: your aquatic main course options are about to get a whole lot fresher. A Japanese restaurant is debuting its first North American location in Chelsea, and it will literally let you fish for your dinner.

Zauo takes a unique approach to the 'farm to table' trend by letting guests sit in 'boats' and catch their meal from large tanks. Once caught, the diners can choose for it to be served in a grilled, tempura, or sushi form depending on the species. And for those who aren't looking to work for their dinner, there will be a fishing-rod-free menu as well.

While the exact opening date has not yet been announced, we do know that the three-floor restaurant will be located at 152 West 24th Street. And if the recent success of other Japanese chains in NYC, such as Ippudo, Wagamama and Ikinari are any indication, you better get in line as soon as Zauo opens up.

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