Spending New Year’s Eve in New York City has become “must-do” activity for many travelers. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s likely still on your bucket list. This iconic way to ring in a new year, inspired by many Christmas movies, is bound to create wonderful new memories, as NYC offers many different ways to celebrate.

You don’t have to spend New Year’s Eve in a crowded and chaotic bar filled with drunken strangers trying to kiss you at midnight. In NYC, you can find plenty of unique activities and events that will this occasion one you won’t ever regret or forget. If you’re planning to be in NYC to welcome the new year, here are 6 places you should consider:

Fireworks Prospect Park

There’s no better way to say goodbye to 2017 than with some fireworks lighting up the dark skies. Visit Prospect Park, a 526-acre park near Brooklyn, and spend a few hours before midnight enjoying some live entertainment, hot chocolate and firework fun. This year marks a special occasion, as it is the Park’s 150th anniversary so expect a big show to welcome 2018.

Dinner at Blacktail

Instead of spending the night drinking away the night (we don’t judge, that’s fun too), we recommend savoring the last few hours of the year with a delicious meal. Featuring good food, live music and fun cocktails, the retro Cuban bar called Blacktail will host a fiesta inspired by Cuba’s nightlife, so get ready to dress up and have fun till the clock strikes midnight.

NYE Midnight Run

For something completely different than your usual NYE hangouts, opt for a midnight run that will have you doing more than just sweat. The Midnight Run surrounds Central Park and involves partying and dancing until the stroke of midnight when the actual marathon begins. You can rest assured knowing that once the 4-mile run is complete, a firework celebration awaits to make the start of a new year all the more magical.

Brunch at Sunday in Brooklyn

While common NYE events occur in the evening, why not begin the New Year with NYC’s most celebrated hobby…brunch. Sunday in Brooklyn will be open on New Year’s Day, so after counting down to midnight, you can immediately make your way to a boozy brunch filled with comforting eats.

Celebrate from the Hudson River

With NYC having the best skyline in the world, why not step out of the city to get the best views. Venture out to the water, the Hudson River to be exact. Many river cruises will run throughout the evening so that you can relish in the beauty of the night, music and fireworks included, and get an impressive view of the city that never sleeps.

Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square

This well-known tradition of watching the ball drop in the heart of New York can’t be ignored. A bucket list item for almost every traveler, being in Times Square on NYE gives you the experience to witness a wonderful event that many only get to see on TV. As you wait for the ball to drop, you can party to the sounds of live music, spot a few celebrities and make friends with hundreds of tourists and locals alike.