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Who knew that New York City and Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, had so much in common? Like the Big Apple, Stockholm is home to boundary-pushing street style, a subway system adorned with vibrant street art, unbeatable museums, a thriving coffee culture and on-point pastries, and now thanks to Norwegian Air, you can fly from one to the other on a shoestring budget.

Flights between NYC and Stockholm are currently priced as low as $135.90 USD one way, with taxes included. Outbound flights at this price are available from December to May 2017, before rising back up to the $300-500 mark in time for summer.

As for return flights from Sweden, those are a tad higher — you're looking at paying anywhere between $155.80 and $637.80 in January alone, so be selective with your dates. Surprisingly, the cheaper end of the spectrum is available on certain weekends, so you don't necessarily have to book a weekday flight to get the better deal. All in all, you can do whole the trip for under $300USD if you follow our lead and book it here. Besides, the less you pay to get there, the more you have for 'fika' and fashion.