The Stranger Things-themed room at the Gregory Hotel in NYC

If you haven't already binged the entire season of Stranger Things season 2, then who even are you? Accusations aside, we do have the perfect spot for you to settle in to binge watch (which you should absolutely do) and it's at the Gregory Hotel in New York City.

The hotel has just unveiled a Stranger Things-themed room, complete with 1980's decor, an in-room Google Chromecast to stream with, a light-up wall tapestry, and a pillowcase emblazoned with the show's logo. Luckily, they left out the shedded Demodog skin and sticky goop from the upside Down — we can't imagine that would make for a very comfortable stay.

As for the food, you'd better believe the menu was just as inspired as the room. Guests can snack on Eggo waffles, canned wine, and even a sleep protein that helps you to have a nightmare-free sleep (which we're pretty sure Will could use). The entire package costs $249 per night, and is available to book until August 2018, depending on availability. 

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