The word Mudtopia alone gives you a pretty good idea of what's coming to New Zealand later this year. Part mud, part utopia — it's a perfect place full of music, mud, and beautiful people coming to life. 

The festival, which is taking place December 1-3 in Rotura, is a first for the southern hemisphere, and combines a mud stage, mud arena, mud sports, mud pools, mud obstacle courses... you get the idea. According to an article by Lonely Planet, the vision was to create a "playful sensory experience that awakens the world to Rotorua and the world of mud, by enabling people to get muddy and unleash their inner child”. It was also largely influenced by the popular mud festival in Boryeong City, South Korea, and they're bringing in a seasoned pro to make sure it's done right. 

In terms of the music, they're still looking for headliners to sign up, but it seems like they won't have to be total mud fans to participate. Director Scott Rice said “When you’re not in the mud or chilling out in front of the stage enjoying the music and entertainment, you can check in to a day spa treatment or check out one of the other interesting exhibitors on site.” And that mud is definitely going to be good for spa treatments — Rotura's naturally geothermic landscape means that mineral waters transfer all the way into the mud. Dare we add a little beauty into that name? Mud-beautopia.

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