two male grooms placing wedding band on finger

The sad truth that the US doesn't allow same-sex marriage in all of its states has couples from all over opting for destination weddings. And while they could simply slip from one state to another, New Zealand has come to light as the most popular country for same-sex weddings. 

But the surprising result doesn't just draw Americans. In fact, statistics for 2016 have shown that New Zealand is particularly popular with Australians — likely because same-sex marriage isn't allowed in Australia at all. According to the numbers, half of all the same-sex marriages in New Zealand last year were to couples from other countries, and 58% of them were Australian. This is a huge contrast to the mere 11% of heterosexual couples who chose the island nation for their destination wedding.

Even more interestingly, Chinese couples made up another 17% of those same-sex marriages. It could be the proximity to the country or simply the fact that its welcoming and weddings are somewhat cheaper. Whatever it is, New Zealand serves as a stunning option for anyone's big day abroad.

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