helena bay featured

There's never been a shortage of reasons to go to New Zealand, and now the south Pacific island nation has delivered once again. This time, though, it isn’t the breathtaking hikes, white sand beaches or epic mountain vistas. We're currently drooling over the accommodation.

North Island's Helena Bay Lodge, in particular, is practically a work of art; unsurprising, because it was just named the world’s best new luxury hotel by Luxury Travel Intelligence. There are only five suites, accommodating a total of 10 people at one time. Every imaginable amenity is on offer: from king beds and minibars, to a full gym and huge pool, to balconies overlooking Helena Bay beach (which is only a short walk away). The decor and design is stylishly minimalist in order to showcase the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. And yeah, it’s beautiful.

The lodge itself is nestled atop a hill by Russell Forest overlooking the bay, with views of Ngataurua Rock, Rimariki Island, and Motuwharariki Island across the crystal-blue waters. You will enjoy complete serenity and privacy from the rest of the world while being surrounded by internet-breaking views.

You’re gonna have to drop some coin on your stay here though. The junior suites start at $1,750 per night and the villa suites start at $3,500 per night. Still, we can’t imagine a better way to ease into 2017, and we're salivating over this vid and the photos of it: