If you're planning a trip to New York City anytime soon and you're looking to stay in an area that's a little less touristy and a little more up-and-coming, dodge Manhattan and instead take a trip across the bridge to Brooklyn — or more specifically, Williamsburg. As well as being an entertainment and culture hub, Williamsburg also has one of the best bar scenes in North America.

The latest addition to its streets? An awesome new Warhol-themed bar, Silver Factory — which shares its name with the factory the famous artist worked out of. And to match its name, the bar's walls are painted silver. There's also a chandelier hanging from the ceilings that mirrors the Chandelier photograph taken by Warhol in the 1980’s. 

This new space is a must-visit for any Warhol fans (or anyone looking for a unique venue to explore). Visit at 270 South 5th Street, Williamsburg, and see below for a few sneak peeks.