Oh, sugar. You rot our teeth and make us fat, but we love you anyway. And it turns out New Yorkers love it so much that they're getting their own museum dedicated to the stuff.

This summer Sugar Factory are set to open the first Museum of Candy in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea (yep, even health-conscious fashionistas can't resist sugary treats). The Museum itself will be 30,000 square foot and will feature over 15 “experiential rooms”, each with its own candy theme.

And if that's not enough to get your mouth watering, the Museum of Candy will also be home to an outdoor cafe, a Sugar Factory restaurant, and a dessert marketplace featuring over 20 vendors. Did we mention the world's largest gummy bear is here too?

The official opening date hasn't been announced yet, but the Instagram pics below will give you a sneak peak. You can also keep an eye for updates on the website.


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