Those of you who have visited NYC in the past may know that Chelsea is by far its most fashionable — home to some of the city's best boutiques, department stores and vintage shopping, and best-loved for its fabulous street-style. 

For this reason, its a neighborhood in high-demand among New Yorkers, with apartments often as pricey as they are fashionable. That is, until now.

This Friday, a housing lottery open up for a group of apartments in Manhattan, including one particular apartment block on Chelsea's West 36th Street. There are 63 in total — with the highest priced at $2,733 per month — and the lowest at just $613. 

Given that New York City is one of the priciest cities in the world, let alone America, this price is one that's usually unheard of. If you're interested, you have until April 3 to submit your application, which if selected, will be put into a lottery and potentially picked out for interview. But hey, you'll never know until you try! Good luck!

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