If your new year's resolution is to quit smoking, moving to this city may just make that goal a little more achievable. A new law coming into effect in New York City will ban smoking in all areas of residential buildings as of 2018. That includes rentals, condos, and co-ops — inside and out.

The only people who will be exempt from this law will be those living in a building where the owner or board has created a smoking policy allowing you to smoke. Although there are currently no specifics on what needs to be included in this policy, it is likely to include rules on whether you have to smoke within your home, or whether you can go out onto the balcony.

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We should also note that the law won’t officially be in effect until August of 2018. And if you chose your new lease based on its a-ok smoking policy, don't worry. The law will only affect new tenants moving forward — not the ones that are still within their lease or rental agreements at that time.