Oslo Worst Bar

Having a unique concept is vital for the success of new venues these days, but Oslo’s newest bar has gone one step further. With the main aim to make you deeply unhappy, (yes, you read right), the Misfornøyelsesbar, which previously served as an asylum, was created by artist, Christopher Nielsen.

Featuring three rooms named Paranoia, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety, the conditions of each are mimicked through visualizations including ‘distraught faces’ wallpaper and neon colors. There is also an aptly named ‘unhappy hour’ where drinks are extra pricey and servers are overly rude. And if that’s not enough, the opening times are frequently subject to change without prior notice. Why? To make you really, really unhappy.

Those who have already visited complain the bar is “disappointing” and “unpleasant,” but cannot wait to return, while others argue Nielsen is ridiculing mental illness, to which he says he approached the subject with love and respect.
Whatever your view, one thing is for sure, this bar is making headlines. You can visit their website, but of course, it’s pretty unhelpful.

Check out the video below and experience the rugged beauty of Norway by air.