This isn’t your run-of-the-mill tropical island escape. You won’t find clusters of resorts overflowing with sunburnt tourists guzzling sugary mai tais. It’s the cooler, more authentic, less commercialized alternative to the world's Phukets and Kutas, which some would argue have taken the shine off tropical vacations. 

The island is known for being super chilled out, peaceful and quiet. There's an abundance of lush rainforest that promises to reconnect anyone with nature, fringed by miles of white sandy beaches and some of the world’s clearest waters to cool off in. Check out locations like Tumarbong, sporting some of the most tranquil and unspoiled beaches around the globe, or El Nido for breathtaking cliffs over turquoise waters.

Relaxing isn’t the only thing that Palawan is good for though - there's plenty of activities to get the heart beating beyond a sluggish sunbathing rate.

For starters, the island is ripe with life. There are colorful coral gardens and hundreds of exotic fish species, making it a prime spot for scuba diving. There's even a five-mile underground river that you can explore via guided tour - be prepared to rock a life vest and hardhat (read: the hardhat is mostly to keep the bat poop out of your hair). The cave that the river runs through is full of magnificent rock formations, cave-dwelling animals and quirky tour guides.

After a day of relaxing, diving and hiking, sample some danggit - a dried fish that the island is famous for. And for film buffs, the island might look familiar after featuring as the filmset for mega movies like Bourne Legacy and The Beach. Check out the pictures and see how much vacation time you have left.