If you love art museums and technology, then you will be blown away by the newest concept museum: L’Atelier des Lumières. Due to open in 2018, the Parisian museum will be the first of its kind as a fine arts digital museum. Picture larger-than-life walls of digitally projected pieces that have forever changed the face of art. It will be the only time you can actually stare into Mona Lisa’s eyes without being elbowed by the crowding tourists (we’ve all been there).

Before you get all sentimental about the preservation and authenticity of fine art prints in their original state, keep in mind that this experience allows you to examine intricate details of classics that you otherwise may never have noticed. The museum offers a modern advancement to celebrate the craftsmanship of classical art. According to Design Limited Edition, exhibits will be accompanied by original soundtracks created for the pieces to create an immersive experience.  

Projected onto the walls of a 19th-century workshop on the Rue Saint-Maur, the bare slabs and cavernous space create an ethereal atmosphere well suited to house the exhibit. There is no doubt that this indoor museum experience will soon be a top attraction for cultural mongers. One question remains — can we book the place for a party?