If you've been following along fashion powerhouse Chanel for the last few years, chances are you're familiar with the Grand Palais. An iconic building in Paris that has acted as the location for many a Chanel Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture fashion show, it's in dire need of renovations, and Chanel itself is seeing to it.

Contributing a whopping €25 million EUR (approximately $30 million USD) to the cause, the Grand Palais will receive a restoration and renovation beginning in December 2020 and culminating in 2024. We've also heard that a partial reopening will occur in 2023 — dare we sense another Chanel show as the reason?

The Grand Palais was originally erected in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition, and has been one of Europe's most beautiful buildings ever since. Thanks to Chanel, it looks like we can count on many more years of that to come.  

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