A while back, Paris opened its first naked restaurant, and now they're getting something even more public — a nudist park. That's right, as early as next summer, nudists in France could have their very own public park to strip off, sit back, and let it all hang out. 

Reported as one of the world's top destinations for clothes-free leisure (and, ironically, high fashion), plans are underway to open a park specifically for naturists in the City of Love. Earlier this week, Paris city council members approved plans put forward by ecologists to establish the nudist zone. While the exact location is yet to be confirmed, the park will be positioned in a regulated area where there is 'no threat to public order'. Top contenders for the location currently include the Bois de Boulogne park in the city's west or Bois de Vincennes to the east.

But with such a rich haute couture scene also in Paris, the question begs: to clothe or not to clothe?