Image Source: iStock

Paris is officially the next location for the naked dining trend that's sweeping the globe.  Diners will soon be able to bare all in France's capital as founder of the popular London naked pop-up, The Bunyadi, launches his first French restaurant.

The Bunyadi was started by founder Seb Lyall in June of this year at an old disused pub in the South of London. It opened to a waiting list of 30,000 people who were eager to see what dining in the nude experience was like. Although it's due to close its doors in London on August 13 the man behind the pop-up hopes the venture will lead to a more permanent fixed venue in the city. 

Diners at the London restaurant choose from a range of (mainly raw) menu options such as vegetables and smoked fish and meat, which is reassuring as hot plates may not be a good idea without clothes on.  We imagine that Lyall's Parisian venue will feature a similar menu, perhaps, with some French classics too. 

A nice feature of the London restaurant is that no phones are allowed, so guests can really focus on the experience, without the distractions of technology or, erm, clothes. We're looking forward to seeing if the new French venue will follow suit.

And it's not just the UK and France that will boast bare-all dining lounges - nudie restaurants are set to open in Japan and Australia too.  Who knew going for a meal naked would be the next big trend?