The Nordic countries are known as some of the most socially progressive in the world, and now Paris is offering a peek into one of their secrets — communal living. 

The Institut Finlandais is currently home to KOTI: a living pop-up installation of six cottages that you can book as a hotel. Designed by Linda Bergroth, each wooden cottage was inspired by the aitta (a traditional Finnish guest cottage) and offers guests the Nordic experience of a common, shared home. 

At less than a hundred square feet in size, each cottage is designed to comfortably (and cozily) sleep two. A dressing gown, towels, slippers, hand mirror, entertainment package, and headphones are included with each, and shared facilities like toilets and showers just a short few steps outside your door. 

The real shared experience, however, is the breakfast. In the middle of all the cabins lies a long communal table, where a traditional Finnish breakfast is served every morning. Guests are encouraged to make this part of their stay social, though not talking is totally okay too.

The KOTI experience is available to guests for 100 days only between January and May, and is part of the celebration of the centenary of Finnish independence. You can learn more on the Institut Finlandais website, or book a stay for around $220 USD per night on Airbnb.