A map of the most popular hashtags at London's tube stations

If you've ever wondered how to get an insider's perspective of a city, go to the subway station. Connecting all major streets and all major sights, you could ride the rails for a day and essentially see it all, specifically in Paris. Renowned for their rails and applauded for their attractions, the Metro is in fact the key to experiencing Paris in full form (albeit in a slightly grittier manner).

With this information in mind, #tagsandthecity created an interactive subway map of Paris. But unlike all the other maps, this one highlights the most used hashtags for each subway station, so you can easily pinpoint the popular spots to eat, drink, or just hang out according to locals and fellow travelers. 

In order to be featured on the map, the hashtag had to be the most significant within 300 metres of the station, and couldn't reflect simply a name of the station or the surrounding neighborhood. If this was in fact the case, the next popular hashtag was chosen.

While some are more straightforward (#monalisa), others like #badaboum might get you guessing. And if you thought learning about new places was already all the fun, just imagine trying to sort out what #crazyhorse is, only to be surprised upon your arrival. At this point, there's really only one way to find out... click here to explore the interactive map for yourself.

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