Whether it's gender, race, or social class, anti-discrimination and inclusiveness are a core issue of today's concerns and news. Well, it now seems that we can officially add "species" to that list of causes, as the beautiful city of Paris recently changed their regulations to allow dogs of all shapes and sizes to ride the rails — but only if they have their own ticket.

The city's transportation department la Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens has recently relaxed its rules on allowing dogs to accompany their owners on the municipal subways, trains and buses. While it was previously forbidden to take canines "larger than a box" onto all modes of public transportation, the laws now only exclude buses, allowing our favorite furry friends to sit alongside their human counterparts.

The move is a welcome one, as Paris is known as a city of dog lovers. Pooches however, must purchase a discounted ticket and be on a leash and muzzle out of consideration for other passengers. It looks like the Parisien metro is about to get a whole lot more inclusive -- and cute.