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If tropical islands aren’t really your thing, stop reading, and go back to your depressing lie of a life. Seriously, places like Dedon Island Resort make us wonder why we choose to live in the seasonally-grey country that we do, and how we manage to make it through the winter months alive.

Okay, so maybe that was a little dramatic, but just look at this place. This gorgeous, sustainable resort sits at the tip of Siargao Island in the Philippines, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches, impressive surf breaks, and lush, fragrant rainforests. Comprising just nine exclusive villas, the interior design is minimalistic, made by local craftspeople to evoke a simple yet luxurious feel. Connected through a network of pathways, you can walk barefoot (it's actually encouraged) from the villas to the resort's center where the pool, library, bar, restaurant, and games rooms are. Here you can indulge in seasonal Asian cuisine, get tipsy on craft cocktails, or chill in one of the hanging NestRest pods (you know, all that eating and drinking can make you sleepy). Come nightfall, guests can claim a comfortable bean-bag chair or prime pool positioning to watch the outdoor cinema; a massive screen strung between two coconut palms. 

While relaxation is the focus here, don't think that Dedon Island is short of adventure opportunities. You’ll find some of the best snorkeling and surfing in the world (it's home to the world-famous Cloud 9 barreling wave), paddle boarding, and even treehouse yoga classes. You’re also free to roam the organic vegetable garden, fish and cook your daily catch with the resort's chef, or explore the natural wonders of Siargao and the surrounding islands by kayak, motorbike, or foot. It’s like a choose-your-own-tropical-adventure book, but instead of reading it (like you are now), you’ll be living it (like you should be). 

The cash you need to splash at Dedon Island varies by season, but all food, drinks, massages, outings, excursions, and activities are included in the price (aside from diving and deep-sea fishing). That's actually pretty insane considering all the options. In terms of the villas themselves, there are three types to book: the superior villa (one bedroom), the superior family villa (two-bedroom), and the deluxe villa (two-story). They typically range from $630 - $945 USD per person per night in the off season, or $700 - $1050 USD per person per night in peak season. Luckily the latter is from March 1 - September 30 and December 16 - January 15, meaning we're sitting in a perfect little pocket of low-season prices right about now. One way ticket, anyone?