Water Park Philippines Taal lake volcano aqua park outdoor adventure

Remember going to water parks during your summer childhood days, with floaties on your arms and waterproof cameras in hand? Well, what if we told you that water parks weren't just for children, but could also make for a real adult vacation?

The Philippines' top-rated resort Club Balai Isabel has just opened their first ever aqua park—and it's giving travelers everywhere serious wanderlust. Just two-hours outside of Manila, the playful paradise is located on Taal Lake, a beautiful freshwater spot directly facing the historic Taal Volcano.

One of the tallest aqua parks of its kind in all of Asia, the inflatable playground includes multiple slides, trampolines, and obstacle courses, as well as individual floating rings for relaxing. The top of the slides provide some of the best views possible of the protected UNESCO landscape, and as the video shows, some of the best water action around:

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