A New Floating Hotel Portland Mv Taku from Alaska

If you've ever wanted to visit the stunning city of Portland in Oregon, now would be a perfect time. Already a popular destination with thousands of visitors every year seeking a slice of west coast living, it's set to welcome its first ever floating hotel, thanks to a new developer.

The 1960s Alaskan ferry, the MV Taku, was retired from being a 350-passenger ferry in 2015, but after a winning bid of $300,000 was made, the buyer, who is also a developer and partner of the city's The Society Hotel in Old Town Chinatown, made the decision to transport it to its new home in Portland.

Between trips along the Columbia and Willamette rivers, the ferry will be moored at a pier in NW Portland, where it will become a floating hotel that incorporates watersports, a spa, a farmer's market and restaurant. We can wait to see it brought to life.