Those of us who lived through the 90's basically lived the dream. The decade of Tamagotchis, Blockbuster VHS tapes, and Beanie Babies was one for the books, and in all honestly, the snack foods probably top even that list. From Lunchables and Capri Sun to Fruit Gushers and Baby Bottle Pops, we all have fond memories of begging our parents for our favorite treats.

Now Providence's very own PVDonuts is home to the Dunkaroo Donut: a drool-worthy brioche doughnut topped with homemade Dunkaroo icing, those tell-tale rainbow sprinkles, and even cinnamon graham cookie crumbles. It's actually just one item on an entire 90's menu, and we don't need any permission to get it. 

According to a recent article by Elite Daily, the owner of the place, Lori Kettelle, said "We head in at about 2 am every morning and things get pretty silly. We obviously play a lot of music to keep us going, and one day, we were switching stations on the hour every hour from ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and so on. Once we got to a ’90s playlist we started reminiscing about all of our favorite treats that we’d beg our parents to buy us when they ‘dragged us to the grocery store with them’ — and that’s how the ’90s inspired menu was born!"

The menu is filled with more of our childhood favorites, including Pop Rocks, Rice Krispie Cereal, Hawaiian Punch Munchkins, Hershey's Chocolate Milk, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Apparently people are loving it, and we don't blame them — the 90's were a pretty damn good time.