When you travel 400 feet underground, the last thing you expect to run into is a theme park. However in Turda, Romania, that's precisely what you'll find.

After a lengthy system of stairs and lifts, you’ll find yourself in the deep, dark depths of Romania’s ancient salt mines. The towering walls and caverns aren’t what people come for, though. They come for Salina Turda, an underground amusement park hidden away in the salt mines. And the park truly offers something for everyone. We're talking everything from a huge ferris wheel to a boating lake, as well as a bowling alley, mini golf, playground, sports field, and amphitheater.

Not only is Salina Turda an enchanting experience for thrill seekers, but history buffs will get their fill as well. Being one of the world’s oldest salt mines, you're fully immersed in a piece of Romanian history. The first reference to the salt mines on record dates back to May 1 in 1271, according to a document issued by the chancellery. And salt extraction of the mines dates back to Roman times. Since then, the mines have been used for everything from cheese storage to being a bomb shelter in World War II.

In 2008, construction of the amusement park began, and the rest is history. It really is an experience like no other. Salina Turda takes the adventures of climbing into a labyrinth of caves, and combines it with the youthful excitement of amusement parks.

So, next time you’re planning a vacation, consider Romania for one of the most unique experiences around. Still not convinced? Check out these surreal pics.