an empty restaurant patio on the streets of Rome

It seems that tourists are pissing off a lot of countries this summer. There's the waterfall in Croatia that's been completely overrun, Iceland's own population has been completely shadowed by the number of tourists, and Venice, well they're sinking. Now, Rome is taking action against travelers too, placing an alcohol ban for the rest of the summer.

Beginning last weekend, residents and visitors have strict new drinking rules — and we don't mean the fun kind where you need to flick the little guy off the cup before you drink. Rather, the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places will be completely shut down in 14 of the city's municipalities from 10pm until 7am. And if you try to skirt that rule by ordering a few extra just before 10pm, know they'll need to be gone before midnight, when there will be no alcohol allowed outside for the rest of the night.

Of course, you could always stay indoors (where the space is private, as opposed to public), however even then no alcohol sales will be available after 2am. Break any of these rules, and you could face a fine of €150 (or €280 for business owners). Luckily, the ban is only temporary, and things should return back to normal in October.

The final decision was made by Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi, who said in a statement “we don’t want the Roman summer evenings to be ruined by episodes linked to excessive consumption of alcohol.” Ruined, or enhanced? That's a matter of opinion.

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