a woman having fun at a pool of yellow balls

Open up your Instagram and it's like stepping into a whole other world. One with crisp lines, perfectly smoothed skin, and pops of vibrant colors. If that last one really relates to your own feed, then you're going to love the latest pop-up concept to hit San Francisco.

Color Factory is a month-long "color experience" designed by Oh Happy Day, artist Leah Rosenberg, and designer Erin Jang. Situated in the Union Square neighborhood and marked by its colorful, striped facade, the 12,000 square foot space is home to art installations, delicious treats, and even multi sensory elements.

According to what Jordan Ferney, founder of Oh Happy Day, told Lonely Planet, “San Francisco has a great tradition and heritage around art and design. However, right now, San Francisco is filled with creative and diverse people who spend way too much time online. Color Factory is an invitation to have delightful, real-world experiences.”

A few of our favourites include a massive, bright yellow ball pit filled with 207,000 balls, an installation with 10,000 colorful ribbons, and a large-scale coloring room complete with a giant felt pen. There's also a holographic prism room and tasty sweets from multiple San Francisco-based shops and bakeries. 

The very best part? Your will not be wanting for Instagrams — or even the opportunity to take that perfect shot. There will be six room-sized photo booths throughout the Color Factory, each allowing visitors to snap a new unique shot. The photos will then get emailed to you directly via a registered card that you receive upon arrival. Yeah, filling your Instagram feed has never been so easy.