one of the Alcatraz cell replicas in the San Francisco Dungeon

If you've ever been to Alcatraz Island, you're already aware of its dark and tangled history. Located just 1.25 miles off the San Francisco coast, the federal prison held some of America's most dangerous felons between the years of 1934 and 1963, and was the location of a cunning escape by three inmates who were never heard from again. 

Now, you have the chance to spend the night behind Alcatraz's bars, though not on the island itself. While Alcatraz Island is corroding too quickly to safely house visitors, San Francisco's Dungeon has stepped up for the season, recreating an Alcatraz prison cell that can accommodate four guests per night. This is the very first time that the Dungeon has opened for overnight guests, and it's one that you're sure to remember.

Listed at a creepy cost of $666 on, the Dungeon tempts brave visitors with a spooky bedtime story, a "not-so-comfortable night's sleep", Dungeon-themed pajamas, midnight snacks, and a special breakfast come morning. That is, if they wake to see another day. After all, those notorious escapees were never heard from again, and nobody quite knows why.