Cafe X

"Fast coffee is shitty." That's a statement made by a new coffee shop in San Francisco, and they've found an efficient way of brewing quality coffee the way the roasters intended... plus or minus a robot.

According to Cafe X's website, "smart robotics and machine learning working autonomously allows [their] operations team to focus on sourcing and using fresh ingredients, maintaining extremely high hygiene standards, and ensuring a great customer experience with every single interaction."

In simple English, this means that a robotic arm serves your coffee, as opposed to the old-school barista. Working closely with local roasters like AKA Coffee, Verve Roasters and Peet’s Coffee, each individual recipe has been dialed into the machine by the roasters themselves, to ensure that each cup comes out the way they intended. 

All in all, the machine provides a fun, futuristic experience, and reduces the wait times that come with standard shops. Visitors can order via a kiosk or Cafe X's mobile app, and in just a few short seconds, their brew is served.