SFO therapy pig for anxious flyers news featured

With Thanksgiving having passed and Christmas on the way, we don't have to remind you what a nightmare airports can be. Whily they try to make the experience easier to swallow with bars (albeit overpriced) and free wifi (with Stone Age speeds), no airport really succeeds. That is, except for San Francisco International Airport.

You may be familiar with SFO’s Wag Brigade. If not, the team of therapy dogs roams the airport’s terminals wearing “pet me!” vests, working to relieve stress from anxious fliers. The latest to join the team is LiLou, a small, spotted Juliana pig. She trots around the airport with her handler wearing an assortment of outfits, such as a pilot’s uniform, ballerina’s tutu, and nurse’s garb. Not only is it crazy cute, but it’s also an innovative way to take animal therapy to the next level.

LiLou is the first pig to be certified in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program of the San Francisco SPCA, as well as the first non-dog member of SFO’s Wag Brigade. She’s an impressive little pig, and even better, she does tricks. She can wave at travelers, greet them with her snout, stand up on her back hooves, twirl around, and even play a tiny toy piano. No wonder she has her own Instagram account.

So to recap, if you’re traveling through SFO, you could encounter a little pig wearing a tutu and playing a piano.Yeah, that ought to relieve some stress... just make sure you don't miss your flight.