Of all the outrageously beautiful Greek islands around, it's Santorini that's queen bee. Strikingly whitewashed, which contrasts with the deep blue sea surrounding it, the gem of the Aegean is one of those places all Insta-keen travelers have gotta visit at least once.

Why? Well, the pictures really speak for themselves, but we'll keep you waiting in suspense a little longer and tell you a little more about what has to be the world's most romantic island. A 50-minute flight from Athens, it's all multicolored lava cliffs, dark-sand volcanic beaches, and vistas that'll leave you breathless...and capturing the panoramas of your dreams. Especially at sunrise or sunset, when the island's gorgeous hotels or Airbnbs are home to the most awe-inspiring views.

The main island itself, Thira, is home to the town of Oia: a picture-perfect masterpiece. Yes, the beauty of it was highlighted by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but even movies don't do it justice. Neither do these words, so until you discover the coastal alcoves (head to Amoudi Bay), wineries (yaaass Santo Winery), and picturesque alleyways for yourself, take a long look at these Instagrams. So, vacation time?