Private Scottish Island

As millennials, we know all too well the struggle of buying our first home, particularly when looking for a taste of city life. But if you’re having second thoughts about investing your life savings on a one bedroom apartment, relocating to a remote Scottish Island is a rather more appealing option.

Little Ross Island is a 29-acre island off the coast of south west Scotland. Home to a working lighthouse tower which was first lit in the 1800s, the island is only accessible by private boat or helicopter, giving you the privacy and seclusion city dwellers can only dream of.

The sale price includes the original six-bedroom lighthouse keeper’s cottage which is in need of a little TLC, as well as three barns. The catch? The island is famous for a murder case in which visitors discovered the body of former lighthouse keeper, Hugh Clark in 1960. If you’re not afraid of ghosts, step this way.

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