Rose Wine Jacuzzi hotel bathttub

A major center of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a storied and eclectic city known for its grunge days as well as its post-grunge, software days. Surrounded by forested mountain ranges and home to stellar local attractions, its no surprise that it greets over 19.2 million visitors a year.

And if you're one of those 19.2 million visitors, picking an accommodation should be the last of your worries. VIVA took a trip down to the Emerald City, and this is what we found when it came to our stay at the beautiful Warwick Hotel:

Location, Location, Location

It goes without saying that location is critical, and the Warwick passes the location test with flying colors. It's Central Belltown location means that  Pike Place, the Great Wheel, and the historic waterfront are all literally a quick walk away -- as are many of the best brunch places in town.

Views for Days

What good is a view if you can't have the best one in the house? Seated in the heart of Seattle's downtown, the Warwick has windows facing the city's most iconic sight: the Space Needle. The glittering tower is quite a sight to behold during the day, and an equally beautiful sight to fall asleep to.


Don't be fooled -- sightseeing is hard work. Getting a taste of a city's nightlife scene is great, but there will be at least one night, guaranteed, where all you want to do is sip on wine in bed. Or, in the Warwick's case, sip on some rosé in a jacuzzi, because the Emerald Suite's built-in hot tub is pretty sweet.

Minimalist Digs

Clean, simple and spacious, the Emerald Suite has its modern look down to a tee. Balconies, sweeping windows, and wraparound couches complete the ambiance, while the tables are suitable for business meetings and group dinners.

PNW Fare

Frequented by locals and not just foreign hotel guests, the Warwick's in-house restaurant Margaux is a Belltown favorite. Pacific Northwest ingredients meet French preparations at this casually elegant spot, and is perfectly located downstairs to satisfy any last-minute cravings.

Late Night Martinis

Happy hour or after hours, the Margaux always had a perfect cocktail for us when we craved something liquid. Top-notch service and a good kick to every drink really sealed the deal: the Warwick can do no wrong.

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