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The honor of the Michelin star is often bestowed on the very best in the industry. Often, it comes with white table cloths, immaculately-presented dishes, highly trained chefs and a hefty price tag. But one street food vendor in Singapore has given even the highest-rated restaurants a run for their money, now toting one of the renown stars for his humble dishes.

The master chef behind Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, Chan Hon Meng, is 51 years old and has been honing his cooking skills for over 35 years. His $1.50 meals range from a selection of noodle, dumpling, chicken and pork combinations, with a special dish of dark soya sauce braised chicken soup as the standout meal.

Since Meng has been awarded his star, business has been booming even more than usual, with tons of customers lining up for hours to taste his delicious creations. As a result, Meng is now selling 180 chickens per day over his 17-hour shift in the kitchen.

As one can imagine, Meng was in a state of total shock when he received a phone call from the top notch food guide, reportedly telling the press "I asked them, are you joking? Why would Michelin come to my stall?"

While he may still be in disbelief, we certainly believe the stall is worthy of a visit. Here, you will be able to sample the very best quality fare for the lowest price imaginable.