the exterior of Hotel Mono in Singapore

Every Instagram account has its own style, but we wouldn't be wrong in saying that the majority love a good monochromatic shot. Whether it's focused on the space, shape, lines, or other elements, its style is in its simplicity, and it's perfect for a hotel.

As of this past March, Singapore has been home to the Mono Hotel, a gorgeous black and white colored accommodation on Chinatown's Mosque Street. Set within six historical shop houses, you can tell that the space had to be seamlessly designed with every single detail taken into consideration. Take, for example, the black metal bar looping through each of the hotel's rooms — it acts as both a graphic installation and a coat hanger. 

The hotel is home to a variety of rooms ranging between singles to studios, and all boast the same luxury amenities. Flat-screen TVs, high-speed Wifi, and luxury bedding can be expected, and as a bonus, so can a mobile phone for use during your stay. Whether it's an iPhone or not we're not sure, but here's hoping it has Instagram. #sorrynotsorry