inside jewel changi airport

We pretty much expected that Singapore's Changi Airport would be number one in the world, but we never would have anticipated this. Apparently, the country's making a few changes to its already world-class airport, and it's beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

A new terminal named Jewel is set to open in 2019, and features an out-of-this-world variety of amenities and activities. Think a 14,000 square-foot Canopy Park complete with gardens, walking trails, restaurants, and even an indoor waterfall. The park is planned to be a lush, green space, with about 1400 trees and palms, and one of the largest collections of indoor plants in the country.

But plants aren't all there is to it. Sky Nets, Canopy Mazes, and yes, even Discovery Slides are set to be part of lifestyle leisure attraction. Through these, visitors will be able to bounce, roam, and slide from point a to point b, though we're not sure how well their rolling suitcases will take it. The hedge mazes will be a little easier to walk on, though one has mirror elements that are intended to challenge your orientation. Luckily, there's an elevated watchtower involved, where you can plot out your strategy ahead of time.

There's so much going on at Jewel terminal that it's almost better to visualize it. Here's what we can show you; the rest will have to wait.