If you're anything like us, you probably question the amount of money you spend on rent each month. If you think about it, that money could go towards, say, traveling the world, and that would be so much cooler than doing the same old repetitive routine day after day. Now with a travel package offered by Unfixed Points, you can do just that, and you can do it for less than the price of your rent. 

The package spans across three months, and will take you to three different countries: Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. In Medellín, Colombia, the many museums, galleries, parks, and plazas of the city are what got it named 2013’s most innovative city in the world. You'll have the Andes mountains to explore, local fruit markets to indulge in, and La Piedra del Peñol to spark your artistic inspiration.

Next on your itinerary is Buenos Aires, Argentina. This city has beautiful, European-influenced architecture, tranquil parks like Palermo Gardens or Plaza de Mayo, and world-class tango shows. You’ll also find yourself amongst some of the planet’s best wineries and coffee shops.

Finally, you’ll end your trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here, you have the best of every world. Pristine, white sandy beaches run along the coast, lush, mysterious rainforests lie inland, and a bustling city separates the two. The architecture is beyond compare, the culture is both festive and relaxed, the nightlife is jumping, and the weather is perfect.

With total costs coming in at $8,000 per person (about $2,700 a month), you may think it’s expensive. However, you have to remember that that covers airfare, your own private room in an upscale apartment, a handful of excursions, bilingual travel guides, and social events. Plus, the average one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco rents for about $3,600 a month. So, you’re paying less, and getting to travel and explore amazing new cities and cultures. What better way to act on your new year, new me goals?