Across the streets of Spain, a local artist named Raquel Rodrigo is putting her cross stitching and embroidery skills to good use (considered by some to be an ancient art), and decorating buildings literally anywhere and everywhere. She calls her work “arquicostura”, which translates to sewing-architecture, and using only her hands she is transforming Madrid into beautiful works of pixelated art. 

To pull off this incredible feat, Raquel first puts together the materials, which consist solely of wiring and thick string, at her house. Then she finds a location she believes could use a colorful facelift, and primarily weaves intricate floral-patterns (she's known specifically for her rose work) using detailed “x” stitching. The finished product has gained plenty of attenion from locals and travelers alike, agreeing that there is something truly special about her passion and work.

Not surprisingly, cross-stitching is a time-consuming practice. To put it in perspective, a standard creation of Raquel’s will usually take upwards of 250 hours. That’s 31 full days of work, using eight hours as a baseline. We're just hoping she keeps at it, beautifying the world one building at a time.