Ferrari Land

Sports car enthusiasts or not, we can all appreciate the beauty of a Ferrari. That signature cherry red, those soft, sleek lines, that shine... we get revved up just thinking about it. Now thanks to a new amusement park in Spain, there's even more adrenaline coming.

Ferrari Land is opening at PortAventura theme park on April 7th, just an hour southwest of Barcelona. Designed to mimic a small Italian town, the park will be home to five rides and, much like with their cars, have speed as an underlying theme. Take the Vertical Accelerator: what will be Europe's tallest roller coaster shoots riders up to 368 feet in the air in just five seconds. Yeah, that's zero to 100 real quick.

But rides aside, guests to Ferrariland will of course have the opportunity to appreciate the cars. After all, that's why we're here. A reproduction of the brand's assembly line will be on display, and the park's streets will be lined with Berlinettas, Californias, Speciales, Italias, Spiders, and even a selection of Formula One cars. The question is, can we casually catch a ride home?